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Bundu Bashers

Has anyone heard of this tour company? Are they reputable? My initial phone call to them was not pleasant, so now I have concerns. This is the only company I can find that will provide tours from Salt Lake City. Are there other tours that will depart from SLC? Thank you for any and all responses.

Bundu Bashers

Hello. I was a tour guide in Yellowstone for 12 years. With just a quick review of the Bundu Basher website, a company I%26#39;d never heard of until your post, I noticed several things that alarm me. First, their lead photo for Yellowstone shows someone ';posing'; by a bison, This person could have gotten seriously injured! It is against park policy to get that close as well. Second, some of the info they give is quite inaccurate. For example, ';The Lower Falls is over twice the size of Niagra Falls!'; That water fall is 308 feet high, which is ALMOST twice as tall as Niagra. Third, they show pictures of bears all over the roads. If you see even one bear on your visit you will be very lucky. Their site just looks misleading to me.

You would be much better off renting a car to get to the park, then taking a tour once there. There are several local companies in West Yellowstone to choose from; I personally would recommend Yellowstone Tour Guides. For an even better guided trip through the park, call Xanterra Parks and resorts and resrve a spot riding in one of the historic touring cars. They are coming back into service this summer for the first time in many years. Xanterra%26#39;s guides are professionally trained as well.

Bundu Bashers

And I thought I was the only one. Thank God for the inventor of internet fora and blogs!

I was seconds away from booking a %26#39;viator%26#39; tour operated by %26#39;bundubashers%26#39;, but I%26#39;ve already received really bad service via e-mail and over the phone by %26#39;bundubashers%26#39; (%26#39;viator%26#39; were extremely helpful and professional). When I e-mailed %26#39;bundubashers%26#39; with several questions, the reply I received was %26#39;call us on this number%26#39; (!) and when I called tham I received impersonal, cold service from someone who although sounded knowledgeable discouraged me from using their service. He gave me the feeling of a company that does not exist, looking to con first-time travelers to the Canyon (like me).

I have performed various searches on the internet and almost nothing comes up for Bundubashers apart from their sponsored site; I got plenty of information for %26#39;viator%26#39;, %26#39;allvegastours%26#39; and %26#39;grandcanyontours%26#39; but not %26#39;bundubashers%26#39;. I am a manager and was once trained to avoid anything that gives you the slightest feeling of insecurity and discomfort. And that%26#39;s EXACTLY what I%26#39;m going to do with %26#39;bundubashers%26#39;.

Thank you, Thank you for both of your posts. I too have received terrible communications/phone service from this company. I was so against the 5 hour drive from SLC to Yellowstone, I almost booked with them I decided to bite the bullet and rent a vehicle and drive to the Parks myself.

Good for you Aquablue,..

I wish I could do the same but I am pressed for time and, although I%26#39;ve rented a car, I%26#39;m looking for a heli tour instead.

Fortunately, the tours on the ';bundubashers'; site are offered by other credible companies like viator, looktours, allvegastours and lasvegasgrandcanyontour (just add the familiar .com ending and you%26#39;ll find them all there).

I%26#39;ve done so much research I feel I%26#39;m an expert on the tours offered. All I need to do is finally decide to book one. I wish you have a great time there. Drop me a line if you happen to be there around the end of May (20th) by any chance. Take care,


Lazulite - Just wanted to tell you that this spring has been a great one so far for bear sightings! The first of the baby bison are just starting to be born and there will be plenty by the time you come. Still a lot of snow in the higher mountains (added more during our recent snowstorms) but roads are clearing quickly!

Cheers yellowstonefan.

Can%26#39;t wait to be there in exactly one month. I%26#39;ve already booked my tour of the South Rim/GCNP and really can%26#39;t wait to experience it. Take care my internet pals. See you all soon in Vegas.


Trying to decide between west rim and south rim. I have never been to GC. I want to see the best sights. ALso is Bundu Basher a good tour company? Not much info, a friend of a friend said they were fine.

I should have read about this topic before I joined Bundu tour...

I went to Yellowstone several days ago by using this company. Yellowstone was awesome, but we had a terrible experience with this company.

They provided so much incorrect information such as when and where they would pick us up. There were so much poor operation that I can not write down all of them, but most horrible thing was the attitude of the guy who actually arranged this tour. This company seems outsource a tour arrangement to that guy who runs an internet cafe near the motel we stayed. We went into that cafe to know the next day%26#39;s pick up time, and tried to get the detailed information about this tour. But he just repeated pick up time and said ';I can cancel your reservation if you are not satisfied with this tour. I won%26#39;t give you any information if you do not sign this chit. '; in impatient voice. So we had no alternative but to sign the credit card chit. But he didn%26#39;t give us tour detail. Still and all we tried to ask him, but at last, he said ';You are crazy. Get out of here!!';

This is no exaggeration. Just terrible.

I never never never use this company!!!

I was on the tour with this guy napanapa (he likes wines from napa valley and never seems to stop boozing it up), and he did not stop complaining. Just like you have to sign a credit card thing when you stay at a hotel so that was all that Bundu Bashers wanted. We had a great time with them - they went out of their way to show us stuff and even gave us an extra western cookout at no charge. It was an awesome tour. The difference was that our guide Josh knew the park and knew where to take us to show us the erupting geysers and bears and all that stuff. Good tour.

yoyoskiboy, can you tell me the name of the tour you were on? You said Josh was a good guide.


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